• 6D Tempered Glass for Xiaomi Redmi Go

  • NOTE: This 6D Tempered Glass Screen Protector Covers Full Screen of Your Mobile Phone
    • EDGE TO EDGE Protection
    • Surface Hardness: 9H Hardness Of 6D Tempered Glass Protects your Mobile Screen from Scratches & Shocks
    • Scratch Proof: Protects your screen from daily scratches, dust and scrapes. Comes with a Scratch Proof coating For Long Durability. This Tempered Glass provides most Protection to your Phone and maximum comfort to be used.
    • No Sticky Residue
    • Superior Protection
    • Anti-Shatter: If broken, the glass can force an entry little elements, however, keep in one piece, creating it safer for glass screen of your phone.
    • Easy to install (Bubble-Free / No Residue)
    • Protect your Smartphone against Screen Damage and other accidental damages.
    • Ultra clear Shock resistant layer under the Tempered Glass.

    Product Description : 

    Mobcure brings to you the extremely acclaimed 9H Hardness Toughened 6D Tempered Glasses for your Smart Phone. Xiaomi Redmi Go 6D Tempered Glass Screen Protector is premium security for the sensitive screen on your cell phone, without the problem of air pockets or clean acting as a burden. Really, very WOW! : HD Transparency ensures excellent match along with your screen with zero impact on the visual show. A brisk wipe reestablishes your screen to shimmering clearness. The break verification film limits harm when the screen is broken and diminishes harms by and large. The 6D glass screen Shield helps deflect shock from bumps and conjointly will increase bit sensitivity throughout scrolls creating it an extremely Premium Product.

    Made For
    • Xiaomi Redmi Go
    • Black & Clear
    Applied on
    • Mobile Phone Screen
    Packet Of
    • 1
    Residue-Free Removal?
    • Yes
    Packet Content
    • 1 Glass Screen Protector (1 Screen Cleaner/ Wipe )

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6D Tempered Glass for Xiaomi Redmi Go

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